The Unveiling Truth of Ball Python Feeding

Ball python feeding is one way of keeping python healthy and making them live for years. Most pet owners and breeders recommend that you must feed your ball python with pre-killed prey instead of live prey. A pre-killed prey nowadays can be easily bought in pet stores that sell them frozen for later use. In prior to feeding, you must thaw and heat it slightly before feeding it to your snake. Now in giving live prey to your ball python, it can cause injuries because most pythons are finicky eaters and they don’t usually eat at once the prey so the live prey can really attack your snake once it tries to eat it. The prey will inflict wounds in your python as a defense.

Giving the right amount and size of prey for pythons is important in python feeding. You should know the appropriate size of prey to give your python. Breeders recommend that most snakes should be fed of a prey that is about the same size around a snake’s body at its widest point. As your pet grows, so as the size of prey that you are feeding to your snake, to accommodate the snake’s increasing size and supplement as well. You must feed a hatchling python with pinkie mice while adult pythons should be fed with large rats. Provide them the right size of food they need to be active and responsive in all times.

In ball python feeding, you must also learn how to feed it properly. You should dangle or wiggle the pre-killed prey a little bit like teasing it with the use of a tong that can help attract your snake to take and eat the prey. If the ball python refuses to eat, try to dip the prey in chicken broth or expose the brain of the prey to entice your snake to eat it. You can also try to feed it by leaving the prey in the cage and cover the cage with cloth. Remember not to use your hands in feeding pythons to avoid snake bites.