Leopard Gecko Feeding Advice

Do you need to know more about leopard gecko feeding? These designer pets need proper food and diet to remain healthy and you wouldn’t want your living jewel becoming unhappy and unhealthy. So to help you out, here are some tips and advice on proper diets and food.

Crickets: The Staple

The cricket remains one of the most popular leopard gecko feed staples. The live cricket is a favorite of the lizards and hunting them around the tank gives them stimulation as well as a healthy diet. You can feed your gecko around 4 to 8 crickets a day, depending on the size and appetite of the lizard. A lizard will pretty much consume anything that can fit in its mouth so just be sure to adjust your choice of crickets and the number to the size and capabilities of your pet.

One thing to remember when feeding your pet live crickets is that uneaten crickets can sometimes get away from the lizard and start to scurry about the tank. All that activity can become stressful for your pet and the longer the cricket survives in the tank the worse the problem gets. Crickets have even been known to bite lizards when they get really hungry. Try to put in only the number of crickets that your pet can eat in one sitting.

Other Foods

You can also opt for silkworms or meal worms. The advantage of these feeds is that they don’t move around too much. You can actually put them inside a bowl so that the lizard won’t have to chase them around the tank. However, as lizards do like hunting active prey, the worms may not provide the stimulation your lizard also needs. A combination of the two can yield good results and some keepers do exactly this. Meal worms and silkworms can still cause some problems should they escape from their bowl. They can burrow into loose substrate so be careful especially if you use sand.

Dusting Supplements

You can also supplement your pet’s diet by dusting your feed with the many different powdered supplements available on the market. This ensures that your pet gets all the nutrients he or she needs in order to stay healthy. Just make sure your feed doesn’t shake off all the powder before you get them to the lizard. Crickets do not like getting powdered so they will try to shake off the supplements. It is best that you feed them to your pet as soon as you get the powder on.

Final Tips

To close, let’s discuss gut loading and parasites. You have to be aware that any parasites in the feed will be transferred to your precious pets. Crickets are notorious for being carriers of bird and lizard parasites that can cause your pet harm. To avoid any unwanted complications, try to buy your crickets from reliable sources. Avoid crickets that were transferred or transported via egg cartons. Egg cartons sometimes contain left over chicken or bird egg shells. These egg shells are sometimes loaded with parasite eggs. The crickets will pretty much eat anything so if they consume the egg shells, they can be carrying the parasites in them.