Feeding a Hermit Crab to Keep Him Healthy

While you may go to the nearest pet store and find a variety of foods that are ‘safe for feeding a hermit crab’, you are not limited to feeding him commercially prepared food. You may feed your pet a wide variety of foods, giving you may options to choose from. In fact, he will happiest when you do provide him with a range of healthy foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

These crabs love to eat fruits and vegetables. In fact, you may feed your crab things what you yourself would eat, things right out of your refrigerator. But, to ensure that he is getting all the required nutrients you should feed commercial food as well. And, since he really enjoys to eat a variety of foods in a day, feeding two to three different types of food is not only acceptable – he will love it!

If you with to provide your pet with a special treat you might try feeding him commercial baby foods. Baby foods have the nutrients and sweet taste that he will really enjoy. Some flavors that he might find especially delightful are: bananas, apples, mango, kiwi, sweet potatoes, pears, guava, papaya, mango and apples. Any single fruit of fruit combination would be an excellent choice to feed your pet. You might also select applesauce, fruit medley and sweet corn. But, you do not have to limit yourself to these choices any selection that has fruit as an ingredient will be enjoyed by your little friend. Hermit crabs really have a sweet tooth and will love anything with fruit in it that you give to him.

Other items that you might find in your kitchen that your pet would enjoy are; dried cereals, crackers and bread. Peanut butter, although a little messy, is also a good choice, as well as diced pears, bananas, coconut, peeled grapes and apples. For the vegetables you might choose from shredded spinach or lettuce and potatoes that have been cooked – just be sure that they have cooled sufficiently.

When preparing food for your crab, be sure to cut fruit, vegetables and plant material into very tiny pieces. You can put the food in a dish for them to eat out off or you may feed him by hand by placing the food on a plastic spoon. With a variety of natural, healthy choices along with commercially prepared food you will ensure that you are providing all the nutrients that your hermit crab needs to be healthy.

Commercial foods, while they will provide the necessary nutrients that you hermit crab needs to be healthy, may contain harmful ingredients. Steer clear of foods that have the ingredients ethoxyquin or copper sulfate on their labels. These are substances found in common pesticides! While they are not proven to be harmful to your crab, it is a wise choice to try to avoid them if at all possible.